Is it possible to get drunk off of water?

Answer not "drunk" but you can overhydrate yourself.When too much water enters the body's cells, the tissues swell with the excess fluid. Your cells maintain a specific concentration gradient, so excess w... Read More »

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Is it possible that I'm still drunk Is it hangover?

No way one shot is going to do all of that not even to a person with low alcohol enzyme count. The best explanation is you are sick from a cold virus.

Is it really possible to get drunk off mouth wash?

yes you can. poor people buy that and hairspray to get drunk its horrible like why would anyone want to burn their insides like that just to get drunk.i went to a store in a rough part of the city ... Read More »

Is it possible to get drunk sitting in a play pool filled with beer, not by drinking it but through osmosis?

Not sure. I've sat in my daughter's kiddie pool with (more than) a few beer to cool off on a hot day, but I've never tried filling the pool with beer. Cheers.j0e

How many pounds of water weight (bloat) is it possible to put on in 2 weeksWhat's the best way to lose water?

I wouldnt worry about the scale. Understand that water weight = fat weight since fat cells are mostly composed of water. If you did successfully drop 5-10 lbs in a week or 2 its likely since yo... Read More »