Is it possible to get a refund on ebay?

Answer yes. you can get your 100% money back from ebay. that is why it is safe for buying and selling.if your product is not shipped, contact buyer and ask him to cancel the order. once the shipping deadl... Read More »

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Ebay/paypal refund help!?

Just use the "send money" tab (across the top of the overview) and send them the proper amount using their e-mail address. Just send them a message asking for the PayPal e-mail...but usually you ca... Read More »

Fake DVD from eBay, can I get a refund on return postage?

Maybe they haven't responded because something came up and they're just really busy. They have 99% feedback for a reason, I suppose. They should refund you the shipping. If you can't get a response... Read More »

If i get a refund from a ebay seller, do i get my money back into my pay pal account or my bank account?

Your PayPal account gets refunded and when the payment has been cleared, whichever source the money originally came from (your debit or credit card) then gets refunded from your PayPal account.It c... Read More »

I want to sell on Ebay. Mostly trading cards. Do I need a camera or scanner How do I get pictures on Ebay?

Hi - really good question! For flat objects, a scanner is your best bet - you can put your cards on there. And you can put DVD covers, VHS covers, etc on the scanner bed and you're done. As for t... Read More »