Is it possible to get a home movie that is on video put on to a dvd ?

Answer If you look around at PC World or similar you will see a lot of devices for moving video to a PC.

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Is there any possible way that i can convert a ''MOV'' video to a ''MP4'' video?

All you need to do is download mp4 converter and click 3 buttons:1. select files2. convert3. copy to iPod

Is it possible to watch a 3D movie at home on a normal TV?

yes, you would need the special glasses and the movie would have to be in 3-D.ALTHOUGH samsung is making a 3-D tvcheck it out:…(btw the tv is later in the ... Read More »

Is there anyway to remove video from a video in Windows Movie Maker so that only the sound is left?

Sorry but there's nothing you can do about it when using WMMaker. Instead, use a special software like Xilisoft that can convert video file to audio file format only.But if you're using component c... Read More »

Is it possible to connect a pc to a home cinema sistem via an other video player?

Hi, You can purchase a VGA to scart lead, very cheaply, for around £2.00. This will sort your analogue image out. Plug the VGA into your PC, the Scart end into the TV. Next we need to look at the ... Read More »