Is it possible to fracture your testicle?

Answer You can rupture a testicle. It happens to athletes from time to time. Michael Barrett (baseball - catcher), and Mike Spivey (football - cornerback) are two examples that I can remember. So always... Read More »

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Testicle problem please help?

In males what you're describing can be normal and not a cause for concern (even though you're seeing a change--it can be related to room and outdoor temperature which does change). To know whether ... Read More »

What are the causes of testicle pain?

Testicle pain is discomfort felt in or around one or both testicles. The pain can have a number of causes including testicular disorders or pain from elsewhere in the groin. Because the testicles a... Read More »

I think my testicle has popped.?

Why ask us?Go visit a doctor, He`s the one who could help you.I suggest you do it as fast as possible because the more you wait, the more damage could happen.(If you are shy, don`t be. Accidents ha... Read More »

My testicle has become sensitive?

it is normal to get pains in one or both testes during puberty.if they are roughly the same size with no lumps/bumps and no severe pain on examination,then the chances are it is a teenage thing.som... Read More »