Is it possible to flash a Verizon prepaid phone so it can be used on a Verizon contract?

Answer No, absolutely not, and I hear people frustrated all the time because it has to be activated on prepaid for 6 months first. It's a good deal though the illusion right now is 99.99$

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Can you use a Verizon prepaid phone on a contract account?

Yes, a Verizon prepaid phone can be used on a contract account after it has been used for six months or more as prepaid. And, you may be able to get a contract price without committing to a long-t... Read More »

Can I put the Env 2 (Verizon) on a prepaid plan (no contract)?

You just pre-ordered the Iphone 4 but you have Verizon wireless Can you flash it to Verizon or something to get it on Verizon?

It is not possible, due to the fact that AT&T is a type of network called GSM. It is not compatible with Verizon, a CDMA network.

Will a verizon phone work on alltel prepaid?

You can use a Verizon phone through the Alltel prepaid system, but you will have to modify your phone to accept the proper CDMA code. This is not recommended by Verizon or the phone manufacturers. ... Read More »