Is it possible to edit text in a scanned document and if so, how?

Answer…Have a look at the product review on this scanner. We use these at work and they are reasonably good. I need to edit documents a lot and find it very easy... Read More »

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How can you edit the text of a scanned document?

Open your document in Photoshop or Gimp and remove the unwanted data and save your document. Now, use Corel, Illustrator or any 3rd party software, import your fixed document, enter the text you wa... Read More »

How do i edit text on a scanned document? You want optical character recognition software, make sure you download the freeware version of Abby.

Can you simply edit text from a scanned document and how?

You can't edit text from scanned documents because a scan of a document is a picture so at this point there is no possible way.

When you scan a ducument it became a jpeg file How do you edit now the text in the scanned document?

Not really possible how you envision it. A jpeg is an image file, and the letters you see are not "letters" as a computer interprets it. You can always use paint to "white-out" the existing text ... Read More »