How is it possible to drown yourself?

Answer Suicide by drowning is not impossible, although it is not the easiest method. Most of the people who do choose very deep water, and are very determined to succeed. If they can hold their breath l... Read More »

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How to Present Yourself in the Best Possible Way?

This article will help you be the best you can be.

Is it possible to teach yourself web design, and make a career out of it?

It depends on how fast you learn, it took me a couple of months to master it and now i run my own web design company in my spare time. W3schools is a great website for beginning to learn how to use... Read More »

Is there a possible way to stop yourself from vomiting?

Unless you can get an injection from the Dr. for vomiting you can't stop vomiting until the flu (which causes you to vomit) has gotten out of your system. Depending on how long the flu last, you ca... Read More »

Is it possible to kill yourself with a toenail clipper?