Is it possible to drink so much water that you die?

Answer Yes it's called water intoxication. This mainly happens to athletes, rather than most normal people. They drink so much water that it dilutes the salt in their blood and kills them.

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How many cups of water are you supposed to drink and do you actually drink that much?

8 glasses of water. Each glass should be 8 ounces. So 64 ounces of water a day... and yes I get my daily amount. Remember water is in soda, juice drinks, and Gatorade type drinks. So those DO c... Read More »

How much water should a 13 year old that weighs 86 lbs girl drink per day?

You shouldn't be drinking water, you should be eating! 86 lbs. is NOT a healthy weight for any one! You should AT LEAST be 115 lbs.

How is it possible for people to drink 8 glasses if water a day?

Drinking beverages at room temperature is actually pretty standard in many parts of the world. In some places it's because having chilled drinks are a luxury, in some places it's because that's ho... Read More »

How much water should i drink if im trying to get rid of water retention by tomorrow afternoon?

You really shouldn't be drinking extra water to get rid of water retention. Instead, you should be taking a diuretic. My husband has had them prescribed for him before for water retention but the... Read More »