Is it possible to download all Wikipedia?

Answer Yes, you can download all of Wikipedia. Wikimedia provides several database dumps of all or part of its sites. These can all be downloaded from .There are several vers... Read More »

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Is it possible to get banned from wikipedia?

No one is banned for simply editing, or indeed, for trivial offenses. A ban would only occur after it has been demonstrated that you are there to harm, not help, the encyclopedia.

Is it possible to pay a company to create a Wikipedia page for you?

Let me assure you, the page is a scam, and so is the service.If you want to ask about whether your band meets the notability requirements of Wikipedia, you can try, but don't hire somebody to do it... Read More »

Is it possible to make your own Wikipedia page?

Yes, people do it all the time but it's usually just a bunch of nonsense intended to piss people off like the one your first respondent created.

Is it possible to write an article of myself on wikipedia?

Yes, but if you aren't anyone of importance, it will be deleted.