Is it possible to download WordPad documents to an iPhone 4?

Answer No, iPhone uses iOS as its operating system.

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How do I recover deleted WordPad documents?

Documents That Were Saved Before DeletionOpen your recyle bin to view your deleted files. To do this, double-click the recycle bin icon from your desktop or start menu. Look through the file names ... Read More »

How Do I Double Space Documents in Wordpad?

Open your WordPad document.Press the "CTRL" and "A" keys to select all of the text in the document.Press "CTRL" and "2" to double space the text.Source:Windows: Keyboard ShortcutsMore Information:W... Read More »

Where to download WORDPAD.EXE?

Changes are you do have it. Look for C:\Program Files\Windows NT\Accessories

Is it possible to download MetroPCS software to a computer and put it on a SIM card for an iPhone or any other GSM phone?

No there is not, anyway there is no point because they run the exact same operating system leaving out the calling, messaging, camera and the separation of music and video.