Is it possible to die twice?

Answer I guess if you die the first time and then get revived by CPR and then die again, i guess its possible

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Is it possible to get chicken pox twice?

Depends on how seriously the first case was. My daughters had mild chickenpox when they were 2 and 4 months old. They then had them again about 6 months later but these were the mother of all chick... Read More »

Is it possible to get chicken pox twice?

The second one is called Shingles and it's much worse so look out!

Is it possible to menstruate twice in one month?

It is possible for a woman to have two menstrual cycles in the span of one month. Causes can include stress, lifestyle changes, medications or a combination of these factors.Source:Women to Women: ... Read More »

I have been too the ER twice after a concussion. I also have anxiety. I got a cat scan and was told twice that?

Tingling, chest pain and anxiety are not symptoms of concussion. If you got a CAT scan, that's about all they can do.