Is it possible to get an appointment with pain management without needing a direct referral from...?

Answer Call the numbers and find out. Most places require a referral from your primary care doctor. The pain management doctor is able to diagnose your condition and advise the type of treatments that cou... Read More »

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Is it possible that a person has felt so much mental pain, that they cant feel any physical pain?

No. The nervous system will make sure that the brain feels the pain, no matter how much anguish the person is in. A broken leg is going to HURT, no matter what.However, the person in so much ment... Read More »

Could it be possible to be pregnant if you have been spotting for 2 days extremely tired breast feel heavy and sore really hungry yet dont wanna eat and abdominal pain headaches and low back pain took?

Answer Yes. Take a home pregnancy test or see a doctor. You can take the test as soon as you have missed your period First Response Early Test can be taken even 1 or 2 days before period starts. U... Read More »

Can ear pain be a possible symptom of pregnancy?

AnswerEvery answer I've seen online says no, but from experience, I say yes! I never got an ear infection in my entire life until I was pregnant with my son. During that time I had not 1, but 4! Th... Read More »

Is it possible to totally block out pain?

a nerve block. it's like a shot. i saw it on kenny vs spenny