Is it possible to get the flu after getting a flu shot?

Answer If you actually get the flu, and not just a mild reaction to the vaccine (which can seem similar at first), it will most likely be because you: had it already before you got the vaccine and just ha... Read More »

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Is it possible to live after being shot in the head?

I heard this story in my hometown, and it happened for real. this guy wanted to kill this other guy with a magnum .357 and the other guy didnt realize that the guy with the gun was following him an... Read More »

I had the flu shot several weeks ago, but I have the flu now, how is this possible?

1. the flu shot is in essence "giving you the flu"2. there are like over 1200 strains of the flu- and every year they "predict" which strain will be the most prevelant and that's what they do the ... Read More »

How could you determine the melting point of a substance from its heating curve or cooling curve?

The heating or cooling curve will have two flat parts when the temperature does not change. The flat part of the curve is when a phase change occurs. The first phase change will be from a solid to ... Read More »

The Differences Between the BlackBerry Curve and the Curve 2?

The BlackBerry Curve line is part of a family of smartphones and hand-held wireless devices developed and produced by Research In Motion (RIM). Aimed at the mid-range consumer market, the Curve lin... Read More »