Just like in the movie Wanted....?

Answer duh, if u arent an assasin, you get assasined!

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Differences among all the "Bullet" styles - Magic bullet, Nutri bullet, Party bullet, etc.?

If you really wanted to see a movie in the theater and no friends wanted to go would you go alone?

Depends on the movie. I would go alone.

Which 2 movie stars man woman you like meet if possible?

rita hayworth or bette davis as for actors laurel and hardy cause they were funny guys and just seemed like nice people and rita hayworth also seemed like a nice lady to meet the same goes for bet... Read More »

Is it possible to shoot a silver bullet?

A bullet can be made of silver and that bullet can be fired from a firearm. In fact, some manufacturers actually sell silver bullets. However, silver is difficult to cast into a working bullet. T... Read More »