How many pounds of water weight (bloat) is it possible to put on in 2 weeksWhat's the best way to lose water?

Answer I wouldnt worry about the scale. Understand that water weight = fat weight since fat cells are mostly composed of water. If you did successfully drop 5-10 lbs in a week or 2 its likely since yo... Read More »

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Why is that cold-water drowning victims might survive prolonged periods under water?

They have laryngeal spasms. Due to the intensity of the cold water, it essentially causes their throat to close up tight, therefore there is no air or water going in, and no air or water going out.... Read More »

Hot water heating, in-line: We have our well water pressure tank in the back room. PVC pipes run under floor.?

I am guessing you are somewhere in the southwestern US - although quite a few other places have both snakes and scorpions. If you have access to propane the most efficient water heater you can get ... Read More »

Is it possible to get rid of under eye wrinkles naturally?

Yes as eye circles/bags/wrinkles are caused by three things:Dehydration. The skin is very thin under the eye. The darkness is caused by the capillaries under the skin becoming visible through the s... Read More »

Is it possible to see atoms under a microscope?

Atoms cannot be seen under an optical microscope, but can be seen under certain specialized electron microscopes. One type of electron microscope that visualizes atoms is called a scanning tunnelin... Read More »