Is it possible to convert a mouse into scanner?

Answer I am afraid that you can not use a mouse as a scanner... The have hand scanners but a mouse is a different unit entirely. Sorry

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Is it possible to convert a VCR into DVD?

i think you can try Wondershare Video to DVD Burner, it is a cool tool that can help you burn VCR to DVD at high speed with perfect quality. Have a look.…

Could I convert my alarm clock radio into a police scanner?

No and here's why.First off, your clock radio only receives AM/FM broadcast band. Most police departments use VHF or 800MHz bands.Second, the clock radio is made to receive one frequency at a time.... Read More »

To convert paper into an editable document, a scanner would employ __________ technology.?

How do I convert old family photographs into digital. Is there a scanner that will copy them onto my computer?

I was just going to recommend thet Canon flatbed scanners, I have used those for years. They work great.