Is it possible to convert a mouse into scanner?

Answer I am afraid that you can not use a mouse as a scanner... The have hand scanners but a mouse is a different unit entirely. Sorry

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When did the lg mouse scanner released?

Can i use my laptop's mouse pad as a fingerprint scanner?

How on earth could it? Think before you ask a ridiculous question. And make better passwords. It's not that hard. intertwine your name with some random numbers or something.

How to Convert a Mouse to a Joystick?

Both mouse and joystick are controlling devices used with a computer system. The two types of hardware are often used to to navigate through the operating system or separate programs. Typically the... Read More »

Could I convert my alarm clock radio into a police scanner?

No and here's why.First off, your clock radio only receives AM/FM broadcast band. Most police departments use VHF or 800MHz bands.Second, the clock radio is made to receive one frequency at a time.... Read More »