Is it possible to connect my direct tv cable box to my computer monitor?

Answer you need a tv tuner!!!!!!!!!

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Is it possible to connect keyboard to computer via midi usb cable?

Answer to the first part, yes, you can buy midi-usb adapters at most music stores.For the second part, well, you need music software that understands MIDI. The cable will probably come with some ba... Read More »

What kind of cable do you need to connect a Hp Ultrabook to a computer monitor (NOT a TV)?

Ultrabook folio and envy has an hdmi output port if your pc monitor doesn't have a hdmi input port. You need to buy a HDMI to VGA cable.

How do you hook up an LCD monitor to Direct TV cable?

Is it possible to connect an Xbox to a PC monitor?

Microsoft does not have an official VGA adapter for the Xbox, but you can connect your Xbox to a VGA monitor using a third-party VGA adapter. Keep in mind, though, that the Xbox will not support th... Read More »