Is it possible to connect keyboard to computer via midi usb cable?

Answer Answer to the first part, yes, you can buy midi-usb adapters at most music stores.For the second part, well, you need music software that understands MIDI. The cable will probably come with some ba... Read More »

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How to Connect a USB MIDI Keyboard in FL Studio 8?

FL Studio 8 is a popular audio editing/mixing program for mid-level and professional musicians. One of the more popular features in the software is the powerful loop creation, which is used as a b... Read More »

Is it possible to connect my direct tv cable box to my computer monitor?

Is it possible to connect a laptop to a TV with a VGA To Hdmi cable?

Definitely NOT, with one exception. HDMI is digital. VGA is analog. The two are totally incompatible. Any passive adapter cable you see advertised with an HDMI plug on one end and a VGA plug on... Read More »

How to Connect a Keyboard to a Computer Using USB?

The keyboard is a necessary device for any computer without a touch screen interface. A keyboard is one of the peripherals on a computer that does not require any technical know-how, and can be upg... Read More »