Is it possible to connect a printer and take print outs using tablet pc?

Answer Yes.... Sort of.Me, I use my internal network and aim the printouts to one of the printers on the network.

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Cam a printer connect with a tablet?

yes you can. see the link. it's easy.…

Can i connect a HP printer via USB port to a tablet?

I also think that you can be attach a usb printer in your tablet.

I've done everything I have to, but my printer will still not connect to Cloud Print?

It is best to try your support site or your owners manual for help, this site has owners manuals and service manuals, that will answer most question. This is the site for owners manuals...http://... Read More »

Need Help with Dirty Print Outs?

It's common for the paper path itself to become contaminated. The Canon printer software has a built in utility that will allow you to clean it manually. The process involves folding a piece of pap... Read More »