Is it possible to clone a SIM card?

Answer Cloning a SIM card is possible. The practice has become popular, and mobile phone companies are trying to figure out different ways to put an end to this. They are finding it difficult when so many... Read More »

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I want to clone my laptop HDD 256gb to Sandisk SSD 240gb ..not possible?

As long as there is less data than 240gb on the HDD, it is possible.I personally recommend Clonezilla.EDIT: Yeah, you should be fine. It will only copy over the actual data, not every bit on the disk.

What is the best clone iphone 4 and it is true that there is a clone with 5mp?

Under "Get More Shells," you can click on "Get shells for free" and download lots of apps, a lot of them free. Then, after opening the app, you can delete it if you don't want it, to free up space.... Read More »

If you clone a person would the clone be the original person's sibling or child?

Nobody knows.... Nobody's been cloned before. They just have cloned animals. No people yet. They COULD clone a person, but nobody said yes when they asked the pregmant mothers.

Possible Disadvantages of Human Cloning?

To some, cloning is the greatest breakthrough in our age. To others, cloning causes great concern. Cloning a human means creating a genetic copy of the donor. While this certainly means an identica... Read More »