Is it possible to 'chip' sky digital and sky+ boxes?

Answer mmmmm chips - can i have ketchup with that

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Why do digital converter boxes need to be huge It's just a small chip and a circuitboard. WTF?

Did you get one? I was so worried about you starting 2/17/09. They were probably designed by the TV companies. the ascetics are so horrible they figure you will eventually wear down and get a ne... Read More »

Is it possible to chip a diamond?

yes, it is possible to chip a diamond.because a diamond is carbon that has been exposed to tremendous heat and pressure, it has alignments of the molecules that can create microscopic fissures or f... Read More »

Is it possible to insert two check boxes in one Excel cell?

You did not state which version of MS-Excel you are using, so I will assume 2003 or earlier (though the same basic information is valid for 2007).This can be handled in a variety of ways, and it al... Read More »

Where can you buy digital tv boxes in Canada?

In august of 2011 local Canadien television will be switching from local over the air cable to digital cable. The best way for one to obtain a digital tv box would be to contact a local cable or sa... Read More »