Is it possible to change your sleep patterns?

Answer as long as u get enuf good, uninterrupted, restful sleep, and u get enuf fresh air, sunlight and excercise when u are up, then no, its fine. U may want to invest in a sleep mask for ur eyes, it hel... Read More »

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Is it possible to have a heart attack in your sleep?

Yes, it is possible to have a heart attack while sleeping. It is not uncommon for someone to die during the night while they are asleep, and often the heart is the cause.You need to talk to a doct... Read More »

Normal Sleep Patterns in Infants?

There is nothing typical about infants because each one has his own agenda. Most babies require 15 to 18 hours of sleep per day as newborns and wake up every two to four hours. Once infants are 1 m... Read More »

Is it possible to get less sleep but better quality sleep?

The Best way to get Quality,Restorative Sleep is to REALLY SLEEP That is possible by doing a few Simple Things---First, If you are sick take the proper,Prescribed Pain Killing Meds an Activation pe... Read More »

What are the long-term cardiac effects of chronic insomnia and constantly disrupted sleep patterns?

Cut and paste from there has been some concern that insomnia may increase the risk for heart problems, little evidence has supported any significant dangers. One study re... Read More »