Is it possible to buy good hallucinagenic drugs online How about shrooms or acid?

Answer Yes, you can purchase stuff online in the states. LSD and Shrooms are schedule 1 drugs, so if you find them online, don't order. Ordering a schedule 1 drug = hardtime. However chemicals like syn... Read More »

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When they say shrooms, as in drugs, what kind of mushrooms are they?

Psylocibin is the scientific name. They are also called magic or psychedelic mushrooms. They make you hallucinate (see and hear and feel things that aren't there). You should never eat any mushroom... Read More »

What is lsd, acid or shrooms like?

I did lsd and salvia divinorum. Dont do salvia, it's bad stuff, unless you want to feel that you are in HELL and the world around you is melting and pulling apart, coupled with the feeling of impe... Read More »

Celebrities on drugs and good movies about drugs?

Oh, wow. Who to choose for celebrities. Here are some of them:Robert Downey Jr - Was arrested in '96 for driving drunk and being in possession of heroin and cocaine. Arrested again in 2000 for poss... Read More »

How to lower stomach acid without drugs?

Acidity may be defined as sour or burning sensation in the chest, which is caused by regurgitation of the excessive acid secretion into the upper end of the esophagus.It is advisable to chew the fo... Read More »