Is it possible to burn a DVD with a CD burner?

Answer No, and no.

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Is it possible to Burn a CD without a CD Burner?

No you cannot burn a cd without a cd burner drive.The laser actually etches dots and dashes into a film that changes color with light and if you do not have a drive that can do this then you cannot... Read More »

Just got new pc but wen i try to burn it says connect a burner or install it but i have burner built in?

Do you have burning software? Try deep burner with a search if not.

Do you need a CD burner to burn CD's What is a CD burner?

You indeed need a CD burner to burn CDs. However, many modern computers, usually from two or three years ago, have an integrated CD burner, which is the normal CD drive but with the capability not ... Read More »

Can you burn DVD movies to blu ray with DVD burner?

No. Blu-Ray discs can only be burned (written) using a Blu-Ray burner. A DVD burner will not be able to write Blu-Ray discs, because their lasers are different. A DVD player will not even be able t... Read More »