Is it possible to breast feed if you adopt a baby?


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What to feed a nine month old baby who is breast feed?

You can feed them anything you would feed a bottle-fed baby of the same age. Try baby food in a jar.

How old are you now,how old were you when you had your first baby, did you breast feed, and where are you from?

32 and I was 21 when I had my first baby, yes I breastfed and I am originally from Montana.

How can you breast feed your adopted baby?

Ask your doctor and he can give you pills so you start to lactate. Many adoptive mothers do this.Others choose a more natural and more effective method than taking pills whose side effects are poss... Read More »

How to Breast Feed a Premature Baby?

Premature babies tend to be too tiny and weak in order to properly latch onto the mother's breast. But that doesn't mean that you cannot build a strong foundation nursing a premature baby since it'... Read More »