Is it possible to break your knuckle?

Answer (((((((Cassie))))))) Aww!!! You might wanna go get that X-rayed, you poor thing. =(

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Is it possible to break a bone in your foot and?

It's possible, and by the way, it would depend what type and size of pressure your puttting your foot under.

Is it possible for your amniotic sac to break and not have any fluid leak?

I would definitely call you doctor and tell them what happened! You don't want to risk infection for you or your baby. Better to be safe then sorry. Call them and see what they say they might want ... Read More »

Is it possible to break your ankle/foot while doing a backflip on a trampoline?

Is it Possible to break a glass with sounds........while only using the speakers from your computer?

depends on the decibels of your computer speakers. Mythbusters proved you can do it with the human voice (amplified), so yes, it can be done with sound. A laptop, probably not. Some good desktop... Read More »