Is it possible to break a bone in your foot and?

Answer It's possible, and by the way, it would depend what type and size of pressure your puttting your foot under.

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Is it possible to break a bone and not even KNOW you have a broken bone?

yes i work in an ER and we actually had a pt that came in today said she had fallen on concrete about 2 weeks ago ....her friend was actually brought up here in an ambulance and she just figured th... Read More »

Is it possible to break your ankle/foot while doing a backflip on a trampoline?

Is It Possible To Break a Bone On Purpose?

no, it's not impossible, it just takes one massive set of can use leverage to break it. in fact, a mountain climber a couple of years back had to break his own arm and then amputate it wi... Read More »

Can soaking your foot in vinegar and then going jogging really break your foot?

no, but those wil be some stinky sneakers...whew