Is it possible to bite your thumb off in one bite?

Answer i beleive that it is posible to do that. but we cant because we would feel pain and chicken out halfway through and end up not biting off your finger.if it is somebody elses finger they just need ... Read More »

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Why do my thumb nails smell when I bite them?

its not your thumb nails. its your saliva that reeks!! sorry to be blunt, but thats how it is.

Squirl bite my thumb didn't seem to break skin, safe?

You should be safe.If you're really paranoid then get it checked out or rub alcohol on it to avoid infections (assuming if nothing entered your blood flow yet) Get it checked out if you're really w... Read More »

Do dust mites bite I sometimes feel like tiny bugs bite me, but I can't see anything What are they?

Usually mites that bite birds usually bite people, chiggers also do. Scabie mites are also notorious for infesting humans. The difficulty in determining what is biting is that all of these are so... Read More »

Wots bigger a mega bite or a giga bite?

Gigabyte is bigger...…this will explain all the different bytes and how many bits they have in them....