Is it possible to bite someone hard enough to be able to drink their blood?

Answer yes, I've done it to me before.I heard that sane people couldn't bite through their own skin, and I wanted to see if it was true, but I forgot to factor in the fact that I'm not sane.right wrist, e... Read More »

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If "sometimes love isn't enough" for first mothers to be able to keep and parent their children, then...?

Is possible to leave the "Ocean Spray Canberry drink" long enough for it to turn into wine?

They may add something to commercial cranberry drink to inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria and yeast. Also cranberry -drink- is made from a lot more things than just cranberry juice. Pure cr... Read More »

How to Tell Someone Their Suggestion Is Not Good Enough?

If you don't want to hurt someone directly and still you want to say their suggestion was not good, read this article to find out the steps on how to tell this part about their suggestion.

Is it possible to buy just liability insurance for a week-period to be able to drive someone else's car if that car is insured?

Answer NO. If the owner of the vehicle has insurance and you have their permission to drive the vehicle then their insurance would cover you. Otherwise the owner of the vehicle could add you to th... Read More »