Is it possible to be addicted to the computer?

Answer Technically no because there is nothing "controlling" your brain when you play on the computer. Like with cigarettes, the nicotine takes the place of neurotransmitters in your brain making it extr... Read More »

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Is it possible to be addicted to orgasms?

I think i'm addicted to pain killers is this possible?

you can get addicted to them. but if you have headaches all the time like my best friend does... she pops the pills too.. but you do get addicted. now every little pain you have, you might think oh... Read More »

How do I use tumblr or become addicted to it?

Short version: To become addicted to Tumblr you follow the blogs of people who post things that appeal to your interests, and post interesting stuff yourself that others will appreciate. Before l... Read More »

How to become un-addicted to facebook?

I'd delete it. Or I'd do what some friends did (around the beginning of Lent). They posted with an update about how they were giving it up. And naturally, they haven't logged on. Of course, you'd h... Read More »