Is it possible to be pregnant while spotting?

Answer On One Hand: Spotting Is Normal During PregnancyAccording to the American Pregnancy Association, between 20 and 30 percent of all women experience light bleeding during pregnancy. This is usually ... Read More »

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Is it safe to use a tampon if you are spotting while you are pregnant?

Answer Yes, unless the doctor says not to. Just treat it the same way you would during a period and be sure to change it often. I, personally, wouldn't suggest it because your body needs to get rid... Read More »

Is it possible to be pregnant after having a short period then spotting a light pink a whole week later?

Answer It probably is not pregnancy. However, she needs to take a test to confirm this or not.

Is it possible to be pregnant if you are 4 days late have spotting and period-like cramps even when the home pregnancy test says negative?

Answer Yes it's possible. See your Doctor for a blood test. Much more accurate.

Is it possible to ovulate while you are pregnant?

Answer No. Not usually, as when you become pregnant your egg becomes fertilized, then makes it's way down to the uterus where it implants itself in the lining. Your body then starts production of h... Read More »