Is it possible to be infected with hepatitis B after receiving the vaccination?

Answer Hepatitis B is an infectious virus that can be prevented through vaccination. A series of three injections must be completed over a period of six to 12 months in order to provide complete protecti... Read More »

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Hepatitis B Vaccination - Gap more than one month for second dose?

Yes, there are only minimum intervals for hepatitis A and B vaccinations. Since it has been at least a month, you may receive the second dose as soon as it is available. There is no cause for con... Read More »

Can doctors find out you are infected with HIV while testing for hepatitis c?

If they tested you for HIV. Hep C and HIV are two separate tests. Sometimes they shotgun it and just test you for a wide range of STDs, which will always include HIV. Best wishes.

Can you get Hepatitis "C" from using a toliet seat a infected person used?

No- to put it simply, it is a blood born illness.

Which branch of medicine studies how to improve vaccination rates through vaccination campaigns?