Is it possible to be functioning while having a concussion?

Answer ask g.w. bush.

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Has anyone ever had a mishap while having falling, catching a cramp while having sex?

My bf got a hernia in his groin. It looked like an apple under his skin and the doctor had to operated him.

Possible concussion, should I go to bed?

Not for a mild traumatic brain injury, of which a concussion is one. Even a Grade 3 concussion, the most serious you can get, won't cause a patient to lapse into a coma. You're thinking of somethin... Read More »

Can you use an inground pool alarm while the Letro automatic pool cleaner is functioning?

Is there a penalty in NJ for not having your 17 year old listed as an occasional driver while having a permit?

Answer If the 17 year old has an accident, your claim could be denied. Your premiums cover the risks that the company knows (or should know) about, but not those you know but fail to disclose.