Is it possible to be born without a navel?

Answer AnswerThe umbilical cord is the only source of nutrition to a fetus. It provides nutrition from the mother and returns waste products to the mother for disposal. In other words, it is essential to ... Read More »

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Is it possible a baby can be born in a twister and live?

yes it is extremely possible! i have had 4 baby's myself in twisters and one of those was a category 5! sadly only one child survived as the umbilical cord snapped and weren't seen again, however t... Read More »

Is it possible for a baby to be born with abbs?

I've had abbs my whole life but this is only if i tence. If you give birth to a baby the abbs won't be sticking out but it is possibke for anyone to have abbs. We all have abbs but some people have... Read More »

How is it possible that a man was born in 1947 and he is healthy amd strong today at 27?

Is it possible to have a baby born from your thigh?