Is it possible to autorun 2 programs from a USB drive?

Answer It's a lot of hassle; I have Pstart loaded on my usb flash drive (it's a start menu) - this loads and allows me to pick the programs I need to run. I suppose you could modify it. See herehttp://blo... Read More »

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Besides moving documents,programs,etc., to another drive to make room, can I also move some other programs?

The installation of the MS-Office Suite of applications are scattered about in several locations, including the System Registry. It is better to uninstall those and do a re-install to your other d... Read More »

C Drive Full but not many programs?

Well, 20gigs can be eaten up really fast. Pictures from a digital camera are around 1-2 megs, so it only takes about 500 of them to burn a gig. MP3s take up about 4 megs each so about 250 of them ... Read More »

Can I use programs from external hard drive?

Not unless that is your bootable drive (which will give you a blue screen of death at your friend's PC unless they are identical). The registration goes in your windows registry and if you run it f... Read More »

Can you store whole programs on a flash drive?

You can store entire programs on a flash drive, as long your flash drive has enough space available. Flash drives use a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port, which connects them directly to your compute... Read More »