Is it possible to add "menthol" to fruit drinks?

Answer no you shoudnt add it

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Drinks With Rum & Fruit Juice?

As "one of the oldest and most varied of distilled spirits," rum originated in the Caribbean in the 17th century, according to the Drinks Mixer website. Distilled from the juice of the sugar cane p... Read More »

Passion Fruit Rum Drinks?

Rum is made by fermenting sugar cane, or more specifically, molasses - the sticky membrane created when boiling sugar cane. A sweet, alcoholic spirit, rum originates from the Caribbean. Traditional... Read More »

How to Make Fruit Milk Drinks?

This is a great low-calorie drink. That is great drink right after you get out of the bath.

Which are Healthier to drink........ cold drinks or natural fruit juices?

cold drinks seem to be refreshing for some time but they are not good for health. Its just like drinking a drop of poison daily. Drinking it daily will make a glass of poison in your body which is ... Read More »