Is it possible that we won't be able?

Answer You cant just do anal...theres a process hahaha1. Start her off with small dildos or objects (candles, buble wands, the long ones) things like that) and do that for about a week or so. 2. Grease he... Read More »

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Can your eyes get really bad that eventually you wont be able to see?

snapim shortsighted with a high prescriptions im about same, just make sure u blink a lot when watching screens or whatever so ur eyes dont dry out and get worse. Also get ur eyes regularly checked... Read More »

Is it possible to buy just liability insurance for a week-period to be able to drive someone else's car if that car is insured?

Answer NO. If the owner of the vehicle has insurance and you have their permission to drive the vehicle then their insurance would cover you. Otherwise the owner of the vehicle could add you to th... Read More »

Is it possible to have a Direct TV satellite and install it in England and be able to get signal and would it be possible to use a US address for billing?

Would i be able to someway hack into a verizon iphone 4 that i found and be able to use it?

You need to do a restore on the phone to erase the data on it, then no one will be able to track it, except by serial number, and only by the police if you decided to pawn it or some such stupid t... Read More »