Is it possible that I'm still drunk Is it hangover?

Answer No way one shot is going to do all of that not even to a person with low alcohol enzyme count. The best explanation is you are sick from a cold virus.

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Is this a hangover or am I still drunk?

Sounds like you're hungover to me.And although I certainly appreciate that you chose to do this at home so that you didn't drive, it still is not a good idea to drink that much quickly. Testing you... Read More »

Can someone name a cheap drink that will get me drunk quick and if possible some easy drinking games?

I know this question! My advice is to drink vodka straight, to get you drunk quickly. Not, whiskey, or tequila. Tequila is a temperamental alcohol. Sometimes, it will, sometimes, it wont. Vodka is ... Read More »

Is it possible that I can still contract body lice?

Lice generally don't survive for long away from a host. A week away from a host is generally sufficient for them to all die. A month should be absolutely safe.

What is the best cure for a hangover And don't say " Stay drunk!"?

Are you hungover this morning? OK - drink 1 cup of coffee and eat something substantial like toast with a little butter (not eggs) not greasy. Drink some juice - V8 or OJ is best. If you can, ge... Read More »