Is it possible that I am infertile?

Answer Go and see a gynaecologist, they will tell you or recommend a fertility clinic. Reasons for not conceiving could be-Insufficient womb lining (too thin, this is how the pill works but it may just be... Read More »

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If my parents were infertile, what are my chances of being infertile, too?

There is a very good chance that you are infertile too. Sorry Princess :(But if your husband is super fertile, like let's say, NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, then he might make up for your lack of fer... Read More »

If you take ecstasy, does that make you infertile?

No, ecstasy does not make you infertile. Trust me. I know plenty of people who were able to have kids after they did ecstasy.

Do you believe that most infertile couples are adopting babies for the babies sake?

I believe most parents who want to parent want to do the best they can to be good parents. Not sure it has much to do with the process of actually adopting...considering that once a baby is adopted... Read More »

You have not had your period in 2 monthsI have a lot of the pregnancy symptom that you had with mi last two pregnancies is it possible that you are pregnant and if so is it possible to have the baby?

Answer If your tubes are tied i cant answer the "could you have the baby" part but i can tell u that it is possible you are pregnant if you had unprotected sex recently. Take a home pregnancy test ... Read More »