Is it possible people don't notice this flaw?

Answer Flaws make you perfect! Doll, if guys have asked you out and people say you are pretty and your friends and sister say its not recognisable, you have nothing to fear. Im sure you are beautiful and ... Read More »

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What happens if i dont pay my tata photon plus postpaid bill. Already they send court notice to me.what happe?

Nothings gonna happenThey are just gng to call u to the court & ask u to pay the Bill with Fine nearabout Rs:- 3000 and if u dont go they will send cops to pick up [ just for a free ride to the pol... Read More »

What's the first thing you notice when you see people?

How to Make People Notice You at Your High School Reunion?

It’s been five, ten, twenty or more years since you’ve seen the people who were part of your teen years. Your high school classmates have arranged a reunion and you want to return as the one cl... Read More »

How do you frame up a notice if people dump waste near your gate?

It should say "NO DUMPING ALLOWED, VIOLATERS WILL BE PROSECUTED" these signs are already in existence... i am suprised you have never seen one before.