Is it possible or at all likely for my asthma to go away if I lose 120 lbs?

Answer Sadly it is not possible for your asthma to go away by exercising. However if you do lose weight and do more aerobic activity such as light jogging then you can increase your cardiovascular fitnes... Read More »

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How likely is it to get caught running away?

Running away, huh. Well you're obviously a child cause you said home which means parents. You wouldn't last a day in the wilderness. You need knives, shelter, food, water, and hygiene. (Those are t... Read More »

Is there any way of knowing whether or not asthma will affect you if it appears to have gone away?

Answer If your asthma has gone away then it shouldn't affect you.

“What do you think, are the most likely things, ‘to cause you to lose concentration while you are driving?

mobile phone, being sleepy, eating, drinking

Switzerland - what is the lowest likely/possible pension that someone over 60 might be retired on?

The lowest possible pension from the state run old age insurance is CHF 1'160 a month for a single person. But (thankfully) that's not the whole story, and in any case retired people receive roughl... Read More »