Is it possible my son could have been switched right after birth?

Answer On rare occasions this has happened. If you are in doubt your son is truly yours then you would need to get a DNA done.

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Could it be too early to tell if you're pregnant if you had sex weeks ago and you haven't been feeling right and have been eating a lot and your breasts hurt and you're tired but a test was negative?

Answer You should probably wait until you have a missed period. I am having the same problem me and my hubby are trying to have a baby and i have took 2 test already and both were negative but i am... Read More »

Could someone be seeking info re sister switched at birth 1949 Ohio?

There isn't one on Starchoice. Theres other ABC channels. Everything but ABC family..

Step son's birth certificate has no parents names on it could he have been adopted?

Answer amended birth certificates which are issued after the finalization of adoption vary in details from state to state. Although I have never seen one without ANY parents names on it, i wouldn't... Read More »

If you have your period a week after sex is it still possible you could be pregnant?

AnswerHi,If you do receive your period and it is due then chances are you are not pregnant. Usually when you are pregnant you miss a period among other symptoms. Keep guard however. Always use prot... Read More »