Is it possible for your stomach to harden within a week of conception?

Answer It is within the first couple of weeks after conception. Especially if this is not your first pregnancy, or if you are carying multiples. It is not normal for the baby to make the stomach larger th... Read More »

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What does your stomach feel like after about a week within conception?

Answerit souldnt feel any different it is to soon for the baby to grow to considerably, you may notice some cramoing but it isn't to likely

When will your stomach begin to harden?

Answer As with everything, this depends on the person. Some women report their stomachs getting firmer toward the end of their first trimester. Most common seems to be stomach hardening at about 18... Read More »

Can your stomach harden in a couple of weeks when you get pregnant?

Answer Actually you can.things tthat can help that is while you're sitting down,keep moving your stomach,do like 20 push ups per day,lie on you back,hold on to someone's leg,lift your leg and let t... Read More »

When in pregnancy does your lower stomach or abdomen begin to harden?

Answer If you are slim you will probably start to notice the difference when you are 14-15 weeks pregnant. If you are carrying more fat in the abdominal area you will notice it later.