Is it possible for your mucous plug to look like a small circle of poop?

Answer Answer no. a mucus plug will have blood in it. Answer Yes it can. Sometimes it is very little and sometimes it is a great big sticky messA mucous plug does not always come out at once. A lot of tim... Read More »

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Does a mucous plug look like Clear and whitish yellow strands of mucous?

Answer It can. It looks more like nasal discharge when you have a cold. But can be pinkish as well if tniged with blood. If there's a lot of blood, my recommendation (in my non-professional opinion... Read More »

How soon does your mucous plug form?

Answer It starts forming as soon as the blastocyst (5 day old baby cells) implants in the uterus. The implantation process causes the release of hormones that tells your body to start changing its... Read More »

What happens when you lose your mucous plug?

when do you go into labor after you loose your plug

How soon after your mucous plug comes out do you go into labor?

Well, It depends on how far along you are in your pregnancy. For example, my sister's mucous plug came out when she was 35 weeks pregnant and my nephew was born about 13 days later. So I guess it d... Read More »