Is it possible for your gums to grow over braces?

Answer Wendy I had the loathsome braces also in HS. it just seems like this, honey. The dentist could not possibly not see something like this on a check up and I know you see him regularly. Ask him or hi... Read More »

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Swollen gums with braces?

Having swollen gums when you have braces is fairly common. Try rinsing your mouth with warm salt water, especially the affected area. If it doesn't improve after a few days call and speak with eith... Read More »

How do i fix a gap in my teeth where my gums comes have come down due to braces?

Go to TenBrook Orthodontics! Personalized service, and always there if you need something or are having a problem. We have had wonderful experiences. The staff is very helpful and friendly. It's ea... Read More »

Braces and Puffy Gums?

Really good question. I just got my braces off a week ago and I had them on for a year. I had puffy gums too. But the puffiness went away 2-3 days after I got the braces off.Don't worry about it.I ... Read More »

Swollen GUms (braces)?

Gum swelling is very common while wearing braces, especially when your braces are adjusted or you start a new protocol (like elastics). It should only occur for the first few days after a tighteni... Read More »