Is it possible for someone to hack into my computer and find out my address?

Answer Yes, there are some really smart people out there. If they get in the can see any and all information you can see sitting right in front of the computer. Here is a site to tighten up your security.... Read More »

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If I gave someone my IP address, can they hack into my computer?

It's Much Difficult according to me..Its not possible to access anyone's computer until a sufficient software installed and the login credential shared or leaked to anyone.. But may be its possible... Read More »

Can someone hack my computer if he knows my ip address?

How can someone hack into somebody else's computer anywhere in the world?

there is no simple answer for that. Every computer is different and has different security vulnerabilities. no one person knows every single vulnerabiltiy, however most clever hackers know how and ... Read More »

Can someone hack into my computer through something I downloaded from them?

Can someone hack into your computer after you downloaded a program they gave you? - yes, easily. (look up things like "ophcrack" "shovelling shell" "metasploit" ) Can they see your deleted pictur... Read More »