Is it possible for old people to do acrobatics like flips and cartwheels?

Answer Most older people would be physically unable to do this just because of natural deterioration that happens to everyone. However, some few keep strength and exceptional health/fitness and are able t... Read More »

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I hurt my neck while doing acrobatics?

As long as there is just light pain, it should improve. Chances are it is a neck muscle strain. The cracking is just gas popping out of the joint from going beyond the normal range of motion. You c... Read More »

How to Train a Cat to Do Back Flips?

Dogs aren't the only animals that can do tricks! With a little time and patience, you just might be able to teach your cat how to do a back flip.

Flip flips and skinny jeans on a boy?

just wear whatever you want, theyre your clothes not anybody elses lol :) and if youre worried about what it looks like just try it on and check to see if it looks good. but im picturing it and you... Read More »

How to Do Cool Acrobatics on Jedi Knight Two Jedi Outcast?

This isn't in the manual but you'll like these moves.