Is it possible for me to refill my own black or even color ink?

Answer Refilling cartridges are simple enough, but at times refilled ink cartridges may work, but mostly not. Most printers will not recognize refilled ink cartridges, once the ink is exhausted, the chip... Read More »

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I just got ncr universal black inkjet refill kit my printer is a hp 61/61 XL how do i refill it?

Excellent instructions, with a diagram, for filling the HP 60/60 XL cartridge here, my friend.

Is all black ink the same wanting to use hp 4500 black refill bottle for epson 3520 i have 8oz?

The ink itself is pretty common, but each printer manufacture designs their system for a very specific viscosity & the 'solvent' they use determines the drying time. So, really nothing to lose - I... Read More »

How do I Refill the PG40 Black Ink?

The Canon PG40 is a black ink cartridge used in many desktop inkjet printers manufactured by Canon. Since replacing the empty cartridge is often a hassle and can become expensive, many owners of Ca... Read More »

How do i refill the ink in an hp black cartridge 27?

Prepare the Cartidge and SyringeRemove the label from the top of the HP 27 black ink cartridge. Remove the bottle of black ink and the syringe from the refill kit. Place the needle of the syringe i... Read More »