Is it possible for female sterilisation to reverse itself without surgery?

Answer It is possible, depending on how the sterilisation was done. Have a look at the following links which give some information.

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After wearing braces a long time ago is it possible for your teeth to start misaligning and if misalignment is not severe is there any way to revert it without braces or surgery?

Answer Yes. The way you chew, wisdom teeth growing in (or being taken out), etc. can cause them to slowly move. You could get a retainer to wear at night to slow the movement.

How to Reverse Female Hair Loss?

Hair loss can be attributed to many different causes in women. An unbalanced diet lacking in vitamins and minerals could be causing your hair to thin and fall out, while dying your hair or treating... Read More »

Is it possible to open a new camera roll on an iPhone 3GS itself?

Is it possible hat a computer shut down or starts up by itself?

If you had automatic updates running there was a Microsoft patch released yesterdayyour computer is probably set to install these and it required a rebootsometime around 2AM????