Is it possible for a woman who is 24 weeks pregnant to leak breast milk?

Answer Answer Yes this can happen at any time, collestrum leakage will also continue until after delivery.

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Can you leak breast milk as early as 2-3 weeks pregnant?

(Volumes of jokes, discussions and off topic answers removed.) The answer is this: No. You generally start "lactating" in the fourth to fifth month. Two to three weeks is way too soon.What is act... Read More »

Why would a woman leak breast milk if she's not pregnant?

Perhaps there are many possible factors such as:1. GROWTH HORMONES (GH) or somatotrophin and chicken prolactin/ovine prolactin administered by the poultry manufacturing industry in chickens, subseq... Read More »

Is it possible to be leaking breast milk at 7 weeks of pregnancy?

Dont think its really breast milk but maybe colostrum. Due to homones I think it could be possible but dont think it well last through your pregnancy...kjsmom

When breast do not leak at 36 weeks pregnant is that a concern?

In my experience, breasts do not leak until after you have given birth and are actively breastfeeding.